Executive Board

student-council-logo1Purpose as stated in the SCA Constitution: The purpose of the Student Council Association shall be to represent the entire student body, to organize and orchestrate student activities, and to maintain communications between the students and the faculty, administration, and the community. The powers of the SCA shall be derived from the administration of Providence High School.

Advisor: Mc McCanless, anne.mccanless@cms.k12.nc.us

President: Katherine Davis
Vice President: Anna Banks
Treasurer: Ann Wesley Carter
Secretary: Olivia Guillebeau
Publicity: Taylor Roberts and Ian Bodenheimer
Elections: Joohyun Shin and Clare Pyles
Special Events: Brooke Cain and Patrick Meehan
Impact: Clare Broud and Gracie Koch
Spirit: Abby Kruszka and Julia Girling
Student/Staff Services: Maura Barilla and Camille Spencer
Community Service: Cori Ferguson, Juliana Sozio and Bennett Prosser
Technology: Nick Stathopoulos and Elliott Schultz

1- Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
2- Minimum 2.5 GPA
3- No serious disciplinary issues
4- Enrollment in Leadership Class

Application Process:
Nine members are elected by the student body onto the Executive Board. Candidates who were not elected can apply for adoption, and ten to fifteen candidates will be adopted onto the board by the decision of Ms. McCanless.