French Club


French Club encourages growth in French language and culture while helping students get more involved in their community through participation in various service projects and school related events.

Madame Traill,
Madame Monroy,

President: Jordan Schuler
Co-Vice Presidents: Beryl Bortey and Rachel Musa
FHS Vice President: Rachel Haigh
Secretary: Sophie Lamm
Treasurer: Austin Fincher
Service Chair: Max Mavian
Social Chair: Laura Wenger
Historians: Hannah Leopard, Grethe Booysen and Ava Pomilla
Underclassman Liaisons: Nirvana Tari and Callie Wyatt
Tech GURU: Aniketh Dumpala
Publicity – Bulletin Boards/Flyers: Tressa Mandrano
Publicity – Blue Boards/TV: Argia Brouzouki

Member Requirements:
-Be in a French class
-Be an active club member (get the required points for each semester)

Membership Application: French Club Application