French Honor Society


La Société Honoraire de Français is a national French honor society organized by the AATF – the American Association of Teachers of French. It is an honor to belong to this society as membership demonstrates that students are committed to their study of French and have achieved excellent results. Colleges like to see this kind of achievement on students’ résumés. Students commit to tutoring French students twice per semester and are thus able to also develop leadership skills. They may also purchase cords during their senior year to be worn at graduation.

Advisor: Madame Monroy

President: Haley Tan

-Students are eligible for membership after two years of French studies and must have earned an “A” for each course.
-Overall GPA of at least 3.5
-Must be intending to continue their French studies for the following year – either at school or in college and must be an active member of the French Club.
-Must attend the induction ceremony in the spring and pay dues ($15) to cover registration with the national organization, the certificate, and the ceremony.
-Purchase a $15 t-shirt from the AATF