Gender-Sexuality Alliance

Gender-Sexuality Alliance

The Gender-Sexuality Alliance in its best definition is a club that provides LGBTQ+ education to our members on differing topic presented by our officers. This club also acts as a haven for those being physically or mentally harassed. We provide an enriching and caring environment to all of our members. What we as a club want to achieve is just to make our school and the world a safe environment for all students. We do not expect everyone to accept homosexuality as right, we only want peace and equality for everyone. We meet every Monday in Room 101 unless stated otherwise.

Ms. Walker
Ms. Boehm

Ana Urrutia – President
Seamus Aparicio – President
Beca Barba – Vice President
Mia Mauldin – Communications
Betsy Molina – Treasury
Andy Hill – Secretary

Requirements: To be respectful and tolerant of others’ opinions and  identities

Membership: Pay $10 dues. There is no application.