Stars & Stripes


Stars and Stripes club meets to discuss current events, civics, economics, societal issues, politicians, and elections. We also participate in peaceful and respectful debate. We are a nonjudgmental political forum that will hear, respect, and discuss all opinions and have a lot of fun doing it!

Mr. Cawthorn,
Ms. Smith,
Ms. Walters,

Co-Presidents: Thomas Darden and Saikiran Gudla
Vice-President: Jordan Rosenfeld
Treasurer: Sagar Shetty
Publicity Chair: Lucy Keller
Service Chair: Pragathi Ranganathan
Historian: Emily Johnson

-Enthusiasm for History, Civics, and/or Politics
-Mature Behavior
-Regular Attendance
-Passion for Contributing to the Club, School and Community

Membership Application: Stars and Stripes Membership Form