Interact Club


Interact club performs service projects that benefit the school, community, and sometimes other countries. We spend the major of our time volunteering. Some of our past volunteering jobs include working at Elizabeth Lane Elementary for their carnival, helping Habitat for Humanity, doing walks to raise money for illnesses, working at nursing homes, and much much more! One year, we actually collected school supplies and sent them to kids in Honduras who could not afford them. In this club, volunteering is based on a point system, meaning each semester you have to have a certain amount of points to stay in the club. We have many opportunities for club members to interact with each other at various ice cream and Chick-Fil-A socials. It is a fun club and is open to all grade levels, in which members can meet a lot of people who feel good about helping others!

Advisor: Ms. Brandt,

President:  Rebecca Iyoob
Vice President:  Anthony Fleming
Secretary:  Alyssa Bernstein
Treasurer:  Jenni Brown
Social Chair:  Amelia Ward
Service Chair:  Jonathan Diamantis
Publicity Chair: Cameron Betz

-Must pay dues
-Must have 100 points per semester earned in the club through service and social events

Membership Application: Interact Club Membership Form