Latin Club

Greek philosophers

The Providence Latin Club is a collection of students who either study the Latin language or have an interest in the subject. The club is event based, meaning the core activities of the club (competitions, service, and social events) take place outside of school. Therefore, when we meet, it is usually to discuss an upcoming competition, a club social, a service opportunity, or Latin tutoring. Members can expect to gain a better understanding of Latin, get to know a great, fun group of people, have an enriching experience while competing, and generally come to appreciate the language more!

Advisor: Magister Spencer,

Co-President: Cecily Sonner
Co-President: Joseph Kim
Publicity Chair: Zebria Hicks
Honor Society President: Esther Lee
Certamen Captain: Niklas Griscom

Requirements: Student must be in a Latin class and pay the $25 dues.

Membership Application: Latin Club Application