Model United Nations

Model UN

The Providence Model UN is a combination of debate and an international relations/awareness organization. We seek to increase our members’ confidence in public speaking as well as advance interest in and understanding of complex international issues and foreign policies. We believe that it is important to know what’s happening in other parts of the world and to broaden everyone’s mind.

We also work to increase our member’s ability to research any topic that surfaces. Because many of these topics or countries have little information on them, learning correct research techniques is essential and will trickle down into research for school topics such as the important Junior Paper and Senior Exit Project and research at the college level.. Our more experienced members will be able to help the newcomers, and everyone can depend our advisor, Mr. Stowers, soo there will be no shortage of assistance on any topic or issue!

Members will learn the “how to”s of Model UN, which includes parliamentary procedure, research, speaking technique, position papers, improvisation and debate techniques. We will be putting speaking and debating techniques into practice, acquired through conference-styled debate sessions.

We attend several conferences each year where members serve as delegates from a country they choose (or in some cases are assigned).  The students do research on a current topic of importance to the world and the UN that they choose. At the conferences, members debate their country’s “position” on that topic along with the delegates representing other countries.

The conferences we attend may vary, but we usually attend the Carolina’s Conference at UNCC held in the fall, and MUNCH or the Model UN Conference at UNC Chapel Hill. Most conferences that we attend are held over a weekend and the conferences that are held out of town, involve overnight stays and one or two days away from school (depending on the length of the conference)

Advisor:  Paige M. Squires, M.Ed.

Requirements:  There are no requirements except an interest in international affairs.

Membership Application:  There is no membership application, everyone is welcome.