Mosaic Club


Mosaic club is based on the principle of inclusion and teaches students to embrace one another to see how their differences enhance each other’s social interaction and personality. The club meets with EC students at Providence once a month to promote intercommunication by playing games and doing other activities with them.

Ms. Chinn,
Mr. Maughan,

Madison Walls,
Emily Johnson

Co-Vice Presidents: Erin Stacks and Sarah Schrenker
Secretary: Savannah Spencer
Treasurer: Amy Gunn
Publicity: Haley Felsburg
Historian: Elisa Hicks

-Meetings are held every third Tuesday of each month unless otherwise posted.
-Must attend 5 out of the 8 meetings to be considered a Mosaic Club member
-Turn in an application and pay the $15 membership fee for T-shirts and supplies. Money from the application may be turned in at the October meeting (Oct. 15th)

Membership Application: Mosaic Club Membership Form