Multicultural Club


Diversity Club is a club in which students participate in culturally-enriched activities that enable them to excel in academic achievement, cultural awareness, and social development. Members are given the opportunity to celebrate diversity through field trips, guest speakers, college fairs, and community service. Providence’s Diversity Club encourages the enrollment of EVERY STUDENT at Providence. We strongly believe that learning about a myriad of cultures will help to bridge the gap between societies and people.

Advisor: Ms. Showalter,

President: Trey Bradshaw, Kadra Ibrahim
Vice President: Jacob Gersfeld
Treasurer: Zack Rosen
Secretary: Desjourne Reid
Community Service: Chinara Ume
Social CHair: Tyrisha Irwin

-GPA of 2.0 or higher
-Conduct score of 2 or better
-Regular school attendance
-Good citizenship
-Parent/Guardian consent

Membership Application: multicultural club application 2017.2018