Science Honor Society


Science National Honor Society a nationally recognized organization that is dedicated to the pursuit of science. The society is actively involved in various science events and lectures that occur throughout the community. The society also participates in competitions.

Advisor: Ms. Finnison,

President: Amy Ohara

-3.0 GPA overall unweighted
-Be a Junior or Senior
-Must have completed a minimum of 2 honors level science courses and earned an A in these classes
-Students must have completed or be currently enrolled in either:

  1. A third Honors level science class and earn an A in that class OR
  2. An AP level science class and earn at least a B in that class

-Recommendations from two science teachers
-Active participation in an extracurricular activity associated with sciences (examples include, but are not limited to, Science Olympiad, Environmental Club, HOSA, certain internships or special programs)

Honors Level Science Classes Offered at Providence: Earth/Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology

AP Level Science Classes Offered at Providence: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Environmental Science

**Whether or not an activity that is not specifically mentioned counts toward the requirement will be the judgment of the Science National Honor Society Advisor and the Principal. If your participation is not through the school, you may be asked to present documentation of your involvement.

-Maintaining an A in an honors level science course and/or at least a B in an AP level science ourse
-Continue your active participation in a science-related extracurricular activity
1 Project Requirement: Volunteer at either the UNCC Regional Science Fair (usually held in February) or the Division-A Science Olympiad Regional Competition (held at UNCC, usually in May).
*Other possible opportunities may be discussed during the year.
-Earn at least 5 hours of science-related community service per semester (students may NOT use hours from other clubs/honor societies).
Hours can be earned by:

  • Tutoring other students in science via the Peer Mentoring program at school (signature of Peer Mentors advisor or officer on card)
  • Grading papers for a science teacher (maximum of one hour/semester-signature of required teacher on card)
  • Coaching/helping a middle school or elementary school Science Olympiad team (maximum of two hours/semester- signature of school’s SO advisor on card)
  • Attending meetings for Science National Honor Society (signature of SNHS advisor or officer on card)
  • Attending science-related lectures by the Science National Honor Society or other selected clubs/organizations (signature of SNHS/ club advisor or officer on card)