Sophomore Class Council


The purpose of the Student Council Association is to represent the entire student body, to organize and orchestrate student activities, and to maintain communications between the students and the faculty, administration, and community. The powers of the SCA is derived from the administration of Providence High School. Sophomore Class Council elections will be held for rising sophomores in April every year.

Advisor: Elizabeth Smith,

President: Joseph Chong
1st Officer: David Morgan
2nd Officer: Gracie Barte
Board Members: Alex Berenfeld, Amy Ohara, Andrea Ward, Aniketh Dumpala, Bennet Prosser, Bennett Stillerman, Beryl Bortey, Brooke Drury, Caitlyn Freeman, Cara Davis, Clare Broud, Constantine Boardman, Daisy Lane, Elliott Schultz, Emma Carter, Felicia Li, Ian Bodenheimer, Jazmine Washington, Joseph Kim, Julia Humphrey, Kalyani Manian, Kendall Adams, Keylin Lopez, Laura Perrone, Maddie Ellis, Maddy McConachy, Maggie Lytle, Marissa Parker, Melissa Haueter, Paige Thomas, Patrick Meehan, Paulina Armendariz, Preston Taylor, Rhea Parikh, Riley O’Shea, Ritvik Bodducherla, Sara Gaiser, Sullivan Higson, Sunny Zhang, Sydney Danze, and Tracy Yu

-Must be a Senior
-Minimum 2.5 GPA
-No serious disciplinary issues
-No excessive absences

Application Process:
Class council elections take place the week after Executive Board elections. This gives people who didn’t make Executive Board the chance to still have a position. Students who are interested in running for class council will fill out an application and attend a meeting held by the EB Election Chairs.

At this meeting, applicants learn about speech and campaign requirements and determine whether or not they want to be an officer on their class council. Then, candidates will campaign for a week using posters, banners, flyers, stickers, t-shirts, etc. In addition, each student must have their speech taped by one of the EB election chairs during campaign week.

Once the week is over, the speeches will be played on the morning announcements during homeroom, and each grade will vote for its respective Class Council members. The top three in each category will be awarded the positions of President, Vice President, and 1st Officer, respectively, based on vote count.

Officers will create an application, once they are elected, for those interested in serving on a class council board. Students must complete the application to be eligible to be chosen by the three officers.

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