Spanish Club

spanish club 2

Spanish Club, the largest language club at Providence, allows Spanish students to become more involved in the community and immersed in the Spanish language and culture. Spanish peer tutoring is provided after school through the club. Tutoring with Greenway Park Elementary will be held after school once a week.

Ms. Torres,
Ms. Calvar,
Ms. Uzeta,

Presidents: Jacob Gersfeld & Maulik Sarin
Vice Presidents of Peer Tutoring: Sean Jocher, Fiorella Rodriguez, & Louis Mainwaring-Foster
Head-Secretary: Daksh Desai
-Head Secretary: Daksh Desai
-Junior and Senior Grade Representative: Gina Kim
-Sophomore Grade Representative: Tracy Yu
-Freshman Grade Representative: Laura Perrone
Treasurer: Jacob Culler
Culture Chairs: Lauren Engle, Lexi McCoy, Claire Su
Historians: Cole Tebou and Max Rosewater
Service Chairs: Riley Thompson, Angel Nugroho

-Be in a Spanish class
-6 points each semester (12 points for the year)

Membership Application: Spanish Club Membership Form